Industrial boiler equipment for bioenergy production and heat supply: Save on energy costs with our solutions based on biomass and agricultural waste.

Odoo изображение и текстовый блок

Our company

specializes in manufacturing and installation of high-quality industrial boiler equipment that operates using biomass and other renewable energy sources. We offer individual solutions tailored to the needs of each client, as well as services for equipment maintenance and repair.

Our equipment finds application in various processing industries, including food and beverage companies and communal companies that provide heating services for cities. We help our clients save on energy costs and achieve their goals in bioenergy production and heating while reducing their negative impact on the environment.

We are ready to provide you with the optimal solution for your company and professional services, so that you can focus on your main tasks and achieve success in your business.

Our activity 

We design, manufacture and build what you need in steam, energy and hot water systems.


We develop solutions for thermal energy facilities around the world, taking into account the environmental norms of the country and features of operation.


We manufacture equipment that is optimally and efficiently to your needs. 

Installation and service

We accompany all "turnkey" objects. We provide installation, commissioning and service  process equipment boilers, pipelines and water vapor, SCADA systems.

Our market segments

Technological steam and hot water equipment operating on all types of fuel.

Equipment for the production of steam

Design and construction of steam production systems

Thermal power engineering

Hot water system with natural gas, fossil fuels and biomass 

Non-standard equipment

Design and manufacture of capacitive, boiler and process equipment

Our products

Our objects on a world map

Our customers are our pride!

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Демо-версия логотипа
Демо-версия логотипа
Демо-версия логотипа
Демо-версия логотипа
Демо-версия логотипа