Reciprocating Air Cooled Step Grate

Reciprocating Air Cooled Step Grate

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Reciprocating air cooled step grate


Engineering company "Energodesign "produces various modifications of grates for converting boilers to solid fuel.

If you need to buy a tilt-mobile grid or transfer the boiler from natural gas to solid fuel, Energodesign develops, manufactures and builds effective solutions that allow you to automatically burn various types of solid fuel: wood chips, sunflower husks, oats husks and buckwheat, peat (including milling)

Our grate is designed with regard to the operation of the furnace at the optimum level of the layer and ensures stable operation with high combustion efficiency and low emissions in accordance with the EIA.

The moving grate is made of alternating moving and fixed rows of grates.

Hydraulic cylinders carry out the movement of the grate. The cycle of lattice steps is adjustable in time with the help of intelligent automatic system. A frequency converter regulates the primary air.


The grille consists of separate zones: drying, heating, ignition and complete burnout of the fuel. The stroke length of the moving grate for each zone is individually adjustable. At the end of the lattice, an assembled ash trough with an ash removal system is installed, which includes a flasher with an adjustable counterweight. The combustion temperature will be 900 ... 950 ° C, which is below the melting point of the ash and eliminates the formation of deposits on the heating surfaces.

The grates are made of cast steel with 27% chromium content - this guarantees a long life cycle of the grates 

Is included in the package of delivery of the furnace device:

- Block of the furnace device;
- A set of grates;
- Oil station with central hydraulic pump, bypass valves and valves;
- A set of hydraulic cylinders with contactless sensors;
- A set of hydraulic hoses and fittings;
- Hydraulic oil.

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