Steam boiler: fluidized bed

Steam boiler: fluidized bed

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Warranty 12 months

              Steam boiler with low-temperature fluidized bed

              Steam capacity: from 10,0 to 30,0 t/h

              Operating pressure: from 14,0 to 39,0 bar

              Overheating temperature: up to 440оC

              Efficiency: 88%

              Types of fuel:

              • wood chips

              • sawdust

              • milling peat

              • lignin

              • sludge from sewage treatment plants

              • chicken droppings

              Fuel for kindling: gas / diesel fuel

              Steam fluidized bed boiler


              • Gas-tight execution of the furnace, convection block and other parts of the boiler;

              • Low dust emissions 50 (30) mg / Nm3;

              • Ability burning fuels to 65% humidity, no need for pre-drying the fuel;

              • Possibility of burning a mixture of different fuels:

              • Efficient combustion of various low-grade fuels:

              • Lack of mechanical components in the combustion device:

              • High degree of automation;