Low pressure solid fuel boiler

Low pressure solid fuel boiler

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Steam boiler on coal, peat briquettes and firewood

Affordable steam boiler for low pressure steam generation. Stable operation in all types of coal and other solid fuels. It can work both in manual or automatic mode with a retort burner. The classic design of the boiler provides long-term and simple operation of all equipment with high efficiency.

  • Productivity: 300kg / hour, 500kg / hour, 1000kg / hour

  • Fuel: coal, peat briquette, firewood

  • Steam pressure: 4.0 bar (6.0 bar on request)

  • Boiler efficiency - 85% 

  • Fuel supply: manual / mechanical (retort)

Package Includes:

  • boiler unit in cladding and insulation

  • shut-off and safety valves within the boiler

  • instrumentation and automation

  • control panel

  • feed pumps

  • blowing fan