industrial biomass boiler

Biomass steam boiler DBW

Our DBW two-drum water-tube steam boiler with natural circulation and superheated steam capability is a high-efficiency, reliable, and eco-friendly solution for your industrial needs. This boilercan burn biomass and low-grade fuels with a calorific value of no more than 5500 kcal/kg, incorporates advanced technologies to ensure high-quality fuel combustion and boiler reliability.

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High Performance and Reliability

Our boiler ensures 7000 hours of operation per year without interruptions, requiring cleaning only once every two months without shutdown. With its high efficiency (efficiency not less than 85%) and high productivity, this boiler is an ideal solution for your industrial needs. Thanks to quality fuel combustion and an improved design of heating surfaces specifically calculated for biomass combustion and automatic boiler cleaning and ash removal system, this boiler is the perfect solution for your industrial needs.

Main boiler parameters:

  • Steam capacity: From 1 to 16 th
  • Steam pressure: From 9 to 24 bar
  • Steam temperature: Up to 350°C
industrial steam boiler

Environmentally Friendly

Thanks to the use of biomass and low-grade fuels, our boiler is not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. This promotes green energy and allows the use of agricultural waste as fuel.

The design of our DBW steam boiler allows for the combustion of the following types of fuel, but we are not limited to these options. This list can be expanded, and it is far from exhaustive:

  • sunflower husk
  • poultry factory waste
  • straw from oats and other cereals
  • peat
  • lignin
  • corn stalk
  • pellets

Support Throughout the Life Cycle

We provide an 18-month warranty on the boiler and support throughout its entire life cycle. With an estimated equipment service life of 20 years, you can be confident that your investment will serve you for a long time.

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