Our Portfolio: 
Excellence in Boiler Plant Design

Energo.Design specializes in industrial boiler plant design, showcasing a variety of projects from boiler room planning to construction of boiler houses. Our portfolio reflects our commitment to delivering energy-efficient and sustainable boiler solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each client. Explore our projects to see how we can help optimize your energy systems and reduce operational costs.

Industrial steam boiler

Innovative Steam Boiler Reconstruction

Green biofuel boiler

Biomass Steam Boiler for Concrete Plant Heating

boiler manufacturing

Boiler Replacement with High Efficiency Solution

Boiler economizer unit

Steam Boilers for Cogeneration Units

Gas-fired industrial boiler

Fire-Tube Steam Boiler for Concrete Plants

Boiler Repair

Noviter NWT Boiler Repair

Boiler Plant

Green Energy Solution:
New 6.5th Boiler Plant

Steam Heating

Grain Dryer Conversion to Steam Heating

Steam Boiler Relocation

20th Steam Boiler Relocation