boiler design

Boiler Replacement with High Efficiency Solution in Nikolaev

In the world of boiler systems, advancements and improvements are constant. However, an old boiler doesn't always mean low efficiency, nor does it always make economic sense to replace it with a newer model. This project showcases the delivery of a new boiler with a traditional design that still offers high efficiency.

Our client, a heating plant in Nikolaev, was facing the challenge of a completely worn-out boiler. Replacing it with a new design would have necessitated a full reconstruction of the building, changes to the piping scheme, and replacement of auxiliary equipment. Considering the complexity and cost of these changes, the decision was made to install a new boiler that precisely matched the existing one.

We prepared the engineering documentation and manufactured a new boiler. This boiler was later equipped with modern burner devices and a control system, which allowed us to achieve high efficiency rates and keep the investment cost reasonable.

Despite the boiler's traditional design, it still offers high efficiency. It may not compete with newer designs in terms of thermal power to material ratio, but when considering the project as a whole, the benefits are clear. The client avoided costly reconstruction and equipment changes, and the heating plant's efficiency improved significantly.