Repair of Noviter NWT-8-1.6-150

Fire Tube Steam Boiler

Completion Date: 2018

Project Description: Our team embarked on the repair of a Noviter NWT-8-1.6-150 boiler, which had been heating a city district for over 15 years. The project involved replacing the second-pass tubes and the wetback turnaround chamber of the boiler.​

Our analysis uncovered a key issue: cracks in the tube grates caused by a poor water regime, leading to iron deposits and damage to boiler components. We successfully addressed these problems, thereby extending the boiler's lifespan and efficiency.

Results: The success of this project led to subsequent orders to repair two more boilers at the same site, underscoring our team's professionalism and earning the trust of our clients.

Our approach combines technical expertise with effective solutions, guaranteeing the longevity and efficiency of key heating systems.