Efficient Repurposing of Used Oil: 
Fire-Tube Steam Boiler for Concrete Plants

In 2021, our engineering team tackled a complex project for a regular client who operates a series of concrete plants. The challenge was to maintain the temperature of the water supplied to the fleet of concrete mixer trucks above 60°C during the winter period. This temperature control was crucial to ensure the concrete maintained its quality during transport.

Our innovative solution involved the use of steam ejectors to heat the water in the mixer trucks, which led to a significant reduction in the volume of treated water by 60 times. Furthermore, we proposed an environmentally friendly approach to fuel the new fire-tube steam boiler, which has a capacity of 700 kg of steam per hour. Instead of traditional fuels, we suggested using the used motor oil collected from the mixer trucks.

This project not only provided an effective solution to the water heating challenge but also allowed the client to repurpose waste from servicing their mixer truck fleet. As a result, the client was able to significantly increase the reliability of their technological line and utilize a waste product in the form of used motor oil.