Steam boiler for solid fuels

Steam boiler for solid fuels

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DBW Solid Fuel Steam Boiler

A two-drum water-tube steam boiler with a steam capacity of 4.0 to 10 tons per hour is designed to produce saturated steam using various types of biomass and wastes from food complexes and agricultural enterprises.

The boiler operates both on wood chips and on complex fuels:

  • husk of sunflower

  • litter of poultry complexes

  • weeds of oats and other cereals

  • peat

  • lignin

  • a corn stalk

  • soybean waste

  • pellets from waste

It is equipped with an inclined-repelling grating. Adjusting the speed and the grip of the grate, as well as the supply of primary air under the grate is regulated individually for each combustion zone and allows achieving optimal results for emissions into the atmosphere.

Boilers provide a fully automated operation mode without the need for a constant presence of maintenance personnel.

Equipment advantages:

  • Burns various fuels from biomass. (humidity level up to 55 percent)

  • Low NOX and CO emissions - optimum combustion. Correction of the combustion process occurs fully automatically

  • Gas-tight execution of panels, automatic cleaning of surfaces

  • Ability to burn low-quality fuel

  • High boiler efficiency - at least 85% 

Solid Fuel Steam Boiler

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