Design and engineering services

Engineering Division company Enernodizayn specializes in the design of the overall heat and power systems: steam and hot water boilers , boiler plants on organic coolants and steam condensate systems companies in a wide range of configurations . 

Energodizayn - your reliable partner with a unique structure of the company , who can participate in the whole project - from the collection of baseline data and the choice of equipment to the manufacture , installation and commissioning of the entire system .     

Entrusting us with overall project management and participation from beginning to end , supported by the highest knowledge of all technical details, gives you the best guarantee of an optimal solution .  

Project group

Volumetric design  


Steam boiler room , with boilers operating on various types of fuel    

3D visualization enables in full measure to demonstrate all the nuances of the future boiler still at the stage of designing . Any miscalculation and inaccuracy can be corrected in advance , to avoid alterations in the time of construction works   

Construction and reconstruction of heat supply facilities 

  • Boilers with using the solid fuel ;

  • Boilers with superheated water , steam and using high-temperature organic coolant ; 

  • Cogeneration systems : steam-turbine and steam-gas-turbine cycles , gas piston ; 

  • Steam condensate systems of industrial enterprises ; 

  • Systems of heating and ventilation ; 

  • Engineering networks. 

Water heating boiler room 10MW

We are with you

at all stages of the project 

Situation analysis 

Situation analysis 

Together with the customer, we analyze the situation and select the right technical solution , on the basis of which we draw up the design task 



We develop a range of solutions from construction to technological solutions , taking into account modern requirements for automation of facilities . Protecting adopted solutions in the expert bodies 



We accompany our clients at the construction site , we carry out technical control over the construction process and the supply of equipment and materials . 



The main task of any project , it is to go on the planned performance : it has a final result of commissioning works . Our experts will provide everything you need to achieve a result . 

Biomass steam boiler

Development of design documentation 

Our the design group is specialized in the design of boilers and different boiler auxiliary equipment , supplies of boiler equipment , manufactured both for their own projects on the leading boiler manufactures , and equipment manufactured at its own manufacturing facilities .    

We have it - the experience of engineering and vnedrenchenskoy activity and qualified staff with experience working at the leading enterprises of the industry up to 20 years.   

Выполняем  обратное проектирование – разработку 3D моделей и чертежей по имеющимся деталям и готовым изделиям.

Automation of the facility and collection of instrumentation and automation boards 

Embody your ideas into real technological processes , using the latest equipment of world manufacturers of the Siemens , Schneider Electric's , Aries and others . 

In your task themselves create a vehicle and pick up the typical solutions , that best just fit it for you. 

Our team will perform all work on the design , assembly , manufacturing , programming , installation , start-up and input in operation .

We provide service support for the entire period of operation . 

Workplace of the boiler operator