From Solid Fuel Boilers to Heat Exchangers

At Energo.Design, we specialize in providing top-tier industrial boiler systems, ensuring optimal energy efficiency and sustainability. Harnessing the power of agricultural waste, our biomass boilers offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional energy sources. Our waste recovery solutions transform production residues into valuable energy, while our fire-tube steam boilers and shell and tube heat exchangers are designed for maximum operational efficiency. Tailored to client needs, our atmospheric deaerators are customized to ensure optimal performance and quality.

Biomass-Fueled Steam Boiler for Sustainable Energy

Industrial Biomass Boilers

Energo.Design's industrial biomass boilers are high-efficiency, eco-friendly solutions for steam production. Utilizing renewable energy sources like agricultural waste, and wood waste, these boilers reduce environmental impact and fuel costs.

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Boiler Recycler System for Energy Conservation

Waste Heat Recovery Boilers

Our waste heat recovery boilers allow you to utilize production waste as an energy source, converting it into steam for various industrial processes. This approach helps reduce fuel costs and environmental impact.

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Atmospheric Deaerator for Removing Air from Boiler Feedwater

Atmospheric Deaerators

Our atmospheric deaerators are used to remove dissolved gases, especially oxygen and carbon dioxide, from boiler water. This helps reduce corrosion and extend equipment lifespan.

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Fire-Tube Steam Boiler for Industrial Heating

Fire-Tube Steam Boilers

Energo.Design's fire-tube steam boilers are reliable, high-efficiency solutions for steam production. They are used in various industries, including chemical, oil and gas, food, and more.

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Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers for Efficient Thermal Transfer

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Energo.Design's shell and tube heat exchangers are designed to operate even under the most demanding conditions. They are used in various industries, especially where standard plate heat exchangers are insufficient.

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Industrial Drying Heat Exchanger Equipment

Steam Air Heaters

Our steam air heaters are a reliable and efficient solution for heating air in industrial processes. They are designed to work with steam with a maximum pressure of up to 39 bar and a maximum temperature of up to 390°C.

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